Lt. Joe Ebert Allen
George McDonald
James Jerry Shows
Horace Labat
Murray Rabalais

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Memories flash across the screen
As each frame comes into view.
Vivid scenes of years gone by,
Nostalgic feelings again renew.

A city that I knew so well,
People I shall ne'er forget,
An essence so bewitching
That it lives within me yet.

Pictures, too, which grab my heart
And clutch with claws of steel,
Of splintered homes, and broken dreams
And scars that time alone may heal.

These, I cannot gaze upon
Without a silent tear
And a deeper sense of reverence
For those who suffered here.

Precious are these images
That tie us to the past.
When we become but memories,
Tis they alone will last.

By Jessie Heitzmann

Our path leads
through Live Oaks
down to the beach
on layered prints
in every shade of sand
to earth.  Parades of ghosts
around us reach
to show our place in line
with open hands.

 By Cecile Brown Clement

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